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Coaching Services

From Bump to Birth: Pregnancy Guidance

Pregnancy is an incredible experience. Your body, heart and mind are going through enormous changes as you grow and prepare to birth and support your baby. 

From Bump to Birth is a one-on-one coaching program that prepares you not only for your birth, but your transition from woman to mother. Through From Bump to Birth, I will build a deep relationship with you and your family. I will understand what you want, hope for, dream of for your pregnancy, birth and baby and I will help you achieve your goals through education, physical and emotional support and creating a safe, secure place for you to be the incredible woman you are. My goal through From Bump to Birth, is for you to begin birth fully empowered, aware of your power and strength, ready for any challenge that may arise, and excited to meet your baby. 

From Bump to Birth includes:

  • Pregnancy education

  • Birth preparation and planning

  • Mindfulness and meditation support in pregnancy.

  • Preparing your home for baby.

From Bump to Birth is completely individualised to you, your baby, and your family. It includes monthly, fortnightly, and weekly in person or virtual sessions, and text or email support throughout your entire pregnancy. 

Spaces are limited, please contact Megan for further information and availability. 

From Womb to World: Newborn Support

The first weeks with a new baby are a beautiful and precious time. It is also a time of immense physical, practical, and spiritual change. Bringing a newborn baby home can be a daunting experience, but it doesn't have to be. It should be an exciting, miraculous, enjoyable time for your whole family. 

From Womb to World is a one-on-one coaching program to help your family settle into life at home with your baby. Let me help guide and support you through your transition as new parents and guide you through any challenges that may arise with your little one. My goal through From Womb to World is to enhancing your confidence and joy as parents. 

From Womb to World will encompass everything surrounding your newborn and yourself in the first six weeks from birth. From Womb to World will also ensure you and your partner are well cared for and nurtured in your transition to parenthood.

From Womb to World is completely individualised to you, your baby, and your family and covers all aspects of maternal and infant care, including:

  • Maternal physical recovery, nutrition and hydration

  • Maternal emotional and spiritual adjustment

  • Perinatal and infant mental health support

  • Support with feeding and any concerns

  • Understanding infant behaviour

  • Identification of any issues or concerns

  • Infant settling techniques

  • Holistic sleep strategies

  • Introducing daily rhythms.

From Womb to World will ensure your family doesn't just survive the early weeks with a newborn, but thrives. It includes:

  • Antenatal home visit to prepare for early parenthood

  • 12 home consultations

  • Unlimited 24-hour support

  • Unlimited lactation consultation support

  • Breastfeeding support pack ($280 value)

Spaces are limited, please contact Megan for further information and availability.

Full circle: Transition to parenthood guidance and support

The From Bump to Birth and From Womb to World programs can be combined into Full Circle.

Full Circle is a complete transition to parenthood program that provides the ultimate foundation to your parenthood journey. Through Full Circle I will provided complete support and guidance through your entire pregnancy and the early weeks with your beautiful baby.

Spaces are very limited, please contact Megan for further information and availability. 

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