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Mama's Circle

A weekly mothers’ group to enrich your life.

Mama’s Circle is a safe, supported and inclusive space for you to be you as you walk through motherhood. Expect education, support, encouragement and deep connection through your pregnancy journey, the first year with your baby and beyond. There are three Mama's Circle's specifically to meet where you are on your motherhood journey:

Antenatal Mama's Circle

This unique mothers’ group is designed for pregnant women to learn, connect, and build deep friendships as they navigate your pregnancy and await the arrival of your baby.

Birth to 12 months Mama’s Circle

This mothers’ group focuses on supporting you through matrescence and the early months with your baby. Share experiences and engage in activities that support you and your baby's wellbeing.

Beyond 12 months Mama’s Circle

This unique mothers’ group caters to the needs of mothers with children entering toddlerhood and beyond. Join other mothers as they navigate the exciting challenges of raising energetic and curious children.

Mama’s Circle is facilitated by Megan. Megan is an endorsed midwife, registered nurse and lactation consultant with a wealth of knowledge and experience across all aspects of maternal and infant care. Mama’s Circle will also feature regular guest speakers curated to enhance your motherhood journey.

What’s included:

A beautiful, private space to meet with mums every week

A small group size to forge deep, meaningful connections and friendships

Weekly evidence-based education and discussion provided by an endorsed midwife

Curated guest speakers to support you on your motherhood journey

Flexibility to join week by week

Light refreshments provided

$20 per session

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