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Following my heart: The birth of True Natal

From hospital midwife to lactation consultant and parenthood coach

Hi, I’m Megan.

Welcome to my Blog. Thank you for joining me in my little slice of the internet. I thought I’d get a little personal here and give you a little more insight into who I am and why I created True Natal.

I believe the best days involve rain. I daydream about snow while I live in the heat, and I’m the rare breed of Aussie that isn’t a fan of the beach. I believe fairy lights make everything better. I am obsessed with otters and have a toy poodle named Merlin who is the light of my life. I am a huge fan of reading and can be often found with my nose in a book. I am also a midwife and being present for the birth of hundreds of babies, and supporting families become parents has been the greatest honour and privilege of my life.

I am incredibly thankful to everyone I have had the opportunity to meet over the last fifteen years. Each and every family helped me grow and develop as a midwife and I was changed as a human by the interactions I had with the families I cared for. However, as the years passed and I worked with many incredible families, I began to feel restless. I sensed there was something missing and more I could be doing for families.

After fifteen years in hospitals in Brisbane and around Queensland, I realised I wanted to do things a little differently. I felt that once women left hospitals, they were almost always left on their own to figure out what their baby needed and how to be a parent. And this broke my heart. Parenthood, especially the early days with a newborn should never be done alone. I wanted the opportunity to give more, share more, do more to support women and their families on their transition to parenthood. And thus, my baby, True Natal, was born.

True Natal is my heart and hope. I believe birth is magic and the birth of a family is sacred and the foundation of life. I believe women are powerful beyond their own imagining. I believe motherhood doesn’t receive the respect or reverence it deserves. And I believe empowering women into their power is my calling. And True Natal was my way to care and support more women.

I may have a wealth of experience, but I am not an expert on your baby. You are, no one knows your body or your baby as well as you do. My aim will never be to tell you what 'should' be done, but to help you understand your baby and your goals and help facilitate those goals with your baby. I will support every decision you make and will be your biggest cheerleader on your way to reaching your parenting dreams.

Photography by the incredible @Imagesbyluka


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