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On International Day of the Midwife

To every woman and family who has trusted me on your journey, and to every midwife I have had the privilege of working with and learning from - I thank you. 💖

Being a midwife isn’t 

an easy job. 

Being a midwife isn’t 

a job at all. 

Being a midwife 

is everything. 

To bear witness 

to a woman’s

motherhood journey 

is as profound as it 

is life changing. 

To watch as

men become

fathers and


grow stronger

is a joy to behold.

To be trusted 

to walk alongside 

as women experience

the greatest of highs and the 

deepest of lows

is a privilege beyond words. 

To hold space

as new life

enters an

old world 

is inspiring.

To be present

when a baby’s 

Earth life

lasts a moment

but they live 

for a lifetime 

is sacred. 

To be welcomed 

on the incredible


of life 

and love

is humbling.

Being a midwife 

is the



of my 


~Megan Jane Colville~

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